For those for whom Kashruth is not a consideration, we offer a broad selection of food, which is not Kosher. At present we only provide food for the day of the funeral. All packages can also include paper goods and set-ups (soft drinks) and the set-up and clean- up. Pricing is always based on a per-person rate. For specific information please consult with our catering manager.

Here are some of the packages currently available.

SLOPPY JOE PLATTER: Triple decker sandwiches with your choice of meat (roast beef, corned beef, pastrami, turkey, etc.), swiss cheese, cole slaw, and Russian dressing on sourdough rye bread. Quartered, pickled and perfectly arranged on a platter with pickles and olives. Serves 15-20 people per platter.

WRAPS: Assorted wraps stuffed with your choice of Italian, Southwestern, Vegetarian, Asian, Deli or other cuisines. Serves 10-15 people per platter.

GIANT SUBS: Sold by the foot with your choice of meats and cheeses and all the trimmings. Serves 3-4 people per foot. Price by the foot.

CRUDITES: Veggies cut bite size and nicely displayed with a “big dip” in the center. Available in sizes to serve 10-20 or 20-50. FRUIT AND CHEESE PLATTER: Seasonal fresh fruit and a selection of cheeses served with crackers on a beautifully displayed platter. Available in sizes to serve 10-15 or 15-25.

Other items are available upon request and all items are subject to change without notice. Please ask to speak to our catering manager for complete information and pricing.